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      KIEIN data is organized and stored in one unified central database, which is the “geo-environmental” database.The geo-environmental database achieves integration of KISR spatial data, through simultaneous access by several users; this is done by utilizing the versioning capability of multi-user geodatabases.

     All datasets of the Geo-Environmental database were grouped under environment-related data domains, according to the common standard data definitions.

      Altogether, six data domains have been identified in order to group the different datasets available in KISR.  The KIEIN data domains are: “Basemap”, “Atmospheric”, “Hydrology”, “Marine”, “Terrestrial” and “Socio-Economic” domains.

     The KIEIN Desktop Application provides the user with the capabilities to manage, search, analyze, update and present the geo-environmental database.

A set of GIS modules are built to provide the user with such capabilities. The different modules that compose the KIEIN desktop application are: Data Manager, “Inquiry”, “Analyzer, “Indicators”, “SDSS”, “Update, and “Reporting” Modules.


     The web-based application makes spatial datasets (and information) available on KISR Intranet. In order to make spatial information accessible to all the research community, a selected collection of spatial datasets are published over the Internet.

The web-based application also offers some GIS tools to enable the user to reach the desired information. These tools vary between analysis procedures, search techniques, metadata, etc.

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